Worth It: “Thank You, Mom”

Copywriter: Janeen McCrae

Part of the larger Worth It campaign. Project Description coming soon

Race Reporter Ruby

Role: Concept
Project Description coming soon.
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SLULU Voodoo

The goal of this project for me was to shine a light on a the personalities of Team Specialized-lululemon (SLULU) with something that could be released on social throughout the road cycling season. The huge challenge for Women’s professional cycling is to get eyeballs on it, so we needed something that had some crossover power, showed women new to cycling the human side of the team and hopefully encouraged them to follow the team, or sign up for their first race.

I pitched the idea to the team during Team Camp, then juggled some pretty nice logistical challenges in getting time with them – it’s a training camp after all, not a ‘get assets for advertising’ camp. I shot it all myself, winged it somewhat, grabbing footage when I could nab the girls after their training rides every day. Fortunately, they didn’t end up hating me. Did all editing myself, essentially teaching myself Premiere Pro in the process.

Watch the series (9 more videos) (Link coming soon)

Lesson 1: Bottle Feeding
Lesson 2: Balancing Act (Above)
Lesson 3: Race Face
Lesson 4: Pinning It
Lesson 5: The Wave
Lesson 6: Hands off
Lesson 7: Podium Prowess
Lesson 8: The Draft
Lesson 9: Skill Drill
Lesson 10: Echelon of Awesome

Overheard Series

I’ve always loved great photography mixed with audio storytelling – something that gives a viewer time to absorb the power of an image while hearing how the image came to be, or the story behind it. Overheard was born from this idea, and a chance for us to really take advantage of the great photography we get at Specialized – much of it from behind the scenes. Overheard launched with a three part series showcasing the Specialized-lululemon Team Camp. Since we’re always trying to get people outside the cycling realm interested in cycling, I decided to interview Emily Maye, the photographer, and get her to talk about why she loves cycling photography, what she’s trying to convey with through her lens, and the process itself.


The series continued for a year with some mountain bike episodes. I contributed two more with Pro cyclist, Evelyn Stevens – one around her visit to Zambia for World Bicycle Relief, and another about what it felt like in those final moments to win La Fleche Wallone de Femminine, which at that time was her biggest win.


Cranberry Raisinete Launch

From a series of webisodes introducing the new Cranberry Raisinet. The copywriting was split between myself and Matt Christiansen at Ogilvy. This first episode was my script/idea, but as in the best creative process, Matt added the hitting the chocolate “haard” line and really tied the whole room together.*

* For Lebowski fans