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I write, I think, I do. Advertising, feature writing, and exercising the brain. Take a look around. Reach out. It’s possible I’m interested in writing, thinking, and doing something for you.

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“She’s engineered like no other, and designed to move the human spirit. She will help you fly your own way, and in a world of meaningless words and a dearth of ideas – Janeen is a beacon for brilliantly creative and valuable brand experiences.

Janeen inspires me. She inspires all that work with her. If you are ever lucky enough to get a chance to work with her, she’ll inspire you as well. That’s a promise.”

Tom Ajello – Founder & Chief Creative @ Makeable

“Janeen is the greatest person I’ve ever worked with. I say it that straight forward because it is true. She is who I compare all others peers to, and none come close in skill set or personality. Her writing abilities continually make you wonder why she isn’t a world renowned author, but when you get to know her, you realize it’s simply because she’s passionate about so many things.”

Andrew Zolty – Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer at BREAKFAST