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Self Selfie

Self Selfie was a personal holiday project designed to stretch my personal writing chops using only a selfie stick and a camera I’d owned for two years and never used. Each selfie taken over the 13 days vacation was designed to reveal a little bit of the ‘self in selfie’.

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Hooray Consuela

Chris Milliman picked her up between shots on a Specialized photo shoot (I mean, literally picked her up off the ground) and handed her to me. I don’t think he knew what he had done. I gave her life. Meet Consuela Gonzales, llama farmer, revolutionary, and friend of the poor.

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Canacorn Children’s Book

My deskmate went home for the holidays. It’s not my fault she left her unicorn unattended. I took one look at it and decided it needed to go on an adventure. For the next two weeks, I took this delightful creature on rides with me and photographed it in exciting locations. Then, I wrote a children’s book called “The Alliterated Unicorn: A small creature’s guide to being brave.” It can be purchased on itunes.

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No Direction Known

No Direction Known is currently my primary place of writing residence in terms of personal writing. Set up to cater to my love of cycling, it became the hub during my ride across the USA (by bike), but is now the place for my long form writing about adventures. There are very few ‘short reads’ at the site.

The Dirty Kanza 200 Trilogy is a good sample. Start with this one. Dirty Kanza 200: A Meditation on Self

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