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“When Coppi Stopped”

As the story goes, Fausto Coppi once stopped for coffee during Milan-San Remo and still won by 14 minutes. To separate fact from fiction, we went to the actual café to meet the family that’s been running it for over a century, get the facts on Coppi, and indulge in the pastries that help fuel Italy’s cyclists, both mid- and post-ride.

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“Of Mice and Mountain Men”

When the pros hit Gibraltar Road in the Tour of California there’ll be fireworks. But what’s it like to climb it if you’re just a regular rider? To find out, we convinced a local Santa Barbara rider to take on Gibraltar and discovered along the way that riding bikes is a lot like making beer—you can be part science, part gambler, and you cannot be timid.

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“The Toll Collector”

If you want to race Paris-Roubaix you must pay the toll, both physical and mental. It’s simply the cost of doing business on the cobbled roads of northern France. But is the price worth it? What makes these riders come back year-after-year to accept the beating this race delivers?

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“Whatever it Takes”

It’s one thing to be a pro and go out day after day and train. But what does it take for an ordinary man—a journeyman if you will—to put in the hours all alone, balancing life and family with riding, all for a chance at victory? We asked Dan Hughes, four-time winner of the Dirty Kanza 200, how he handles this delicate balancing act.

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“Gas Station Gourmet”

Create a three-course meal using food items found in a gas station? Challenge accepted! Are you game to try this inspired—or insane—menu for your next bikepacking trip?

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“the art of adventure”

Adventure is where you’re willing to find it. Here are some simple pointers for how to seek it, no matter the ride you’re on.

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