Since leaving agency life, my digital concepts have been woven into the creative I’ve been involved in. This is just a sampling of what I did from pure digital advertising perspective, prior to moving to a client-side creative team.

Client: Louis Vuitton

Everyone’s journey is a personal experience. The memories created, the emotions experienced, the visceral reactions of you to your journey are your own. The LV City Guides guide your journey, but they cannot experience it for you. That’s where AMBLE comes in, giving you the power to overlay your personal memory and experience to the places you visit. Where the guide leaves off – recommending restaurant for example – you can pick up and add comments, images, emotions and data to create a digital memory of your experience.

Concept was for a pitch (which was part of winning the business), and the app was made, albeit not this design.

Client: Motorola

A simple phone for texting fiends, aimed squarely at young folk. While AKQA created a video ThumbFu so people could test their texting prowess against expert texters, we handled the supporting banners and social media that would drive people to take part. These kids text fast about all sorts of things, so ideas played off the ability to text like a speed demon (a beat-the-banner execution), but also this idea of oneupmanship (text banners) and declaring yourself a rival of your friends in some way (Facebook app). The facebook rivalry app allowed people to add their rivalries and get friends to declare where they stood on them – Boston vs. New York, boxers vs. briefs – anything was fair game.

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