Dell Gaming (concept)

I am Gaming from Noodle on Vimeo.

“Hey, we wanna mark ourselves in the Gaming space. Ya, dig?”

We dug. And we went in there with our frags notched on our belts and gaming juice running through our veins. A lot of stuff came out of that presentation – and ultimately, none of it lived to see the light of day. Until now! Working with Mother, we created a new kind of catalog (which I’ve spliced together in the video above, minus the product pages. You can read the Gaming Catalog copy here.) The challenge as a copywriter was to tap into the spirit of gaming, while also showing how Dell computers could live in the same catalog as Alienware and gaming consoles. Because Dell sells them all.

But of course, the strategy for gaming was a two pronged instrument. We went in guns-a-blazin’ with Mother to show how things lived in perfect harmony online and off. This is how it would have lived digitally with the gaming microsite.

Dell gaming digital

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