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me_nedWhen I look back at my career up until this point, I am reminded of a Bob Dylan lyric: “So easy to look at, so hard to define.”

I’ve been a writer of articles, a writer of content, a writer of copy, a writer of strategy. And all through that, a dreamer – through concept, through writing, through strategy and through brands. I’ve been a hand holder – of clients, of Art Directors and Copywriters – and I’ve been a pitch dancer and prancer and loved every minute of it, even the pain that sometimes hits the arch of the foot just before pitch day.

So yeah, I’ve had a few labels. Labels that people like to hear so they can work out where I fit. But all my labels have blended to become a new term that I’m not sure of – that’s where the “hard to define” part comes in. I could call myself a Creative Director. I could call myself a Creative Consultant. I could say I’m a Writer. But I’m all of those things at the same time.

Currently status: bunkered down at Specialized Bicycles in California, making pretty things and making words sing.

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